Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Grassroots Democracy

This is a call to anyone and everyone who wants to take America back to the American people. I'll be honest with you, I was never interested in politics until I began listening to Air America the first week it aired. I got psyched. I really thought I could make a difference. Then reality slapped me in the face and Bush "won" again.

I hear a lot of talk about how the democrats have to do this or do that to get the whitehouse back, but the only difference between them and republicans is the name. They're still owned by corporations and lobbyists. Big money will still run the country no matter who wins - democrat or republican.

I want to start a new party. A party for the working people of America. A party based on the principles of our founding fathers and the mentality of rock 'n' roll, i.e., radical thinking. The world thought our founding fathers were radical, as did the establishment when rock 'n' roll was first played on the radio.

Back in the '60's, the young people were going to change the world. They were going to take back America and re-create a society based on love and mutual respect. What a bunch of crazies. What happened to those people? I'll tell you. Most of them have sold out to the mighty dollar (which isn't so mighty any more).

So, I want to start a new party here, on this blog, and I want anyone and everyone to help me take back America.

Welcome to the American Party.

America, are you ready to rock?


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