Friday, January 14, 2005

Generation Next

In 1968, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) were a group of students at Columbia University call for governmental change. Mark Rudd, the undeclared leader of the student movement, wrote a letter to Grayson Kirk, president of Columbia, stating what many young people felt and believed during that turbulent time. In his letter he wrote,

"We will take control of your world, your corporation, your
university, and attempt to mold a world in which we and other
people can live as human beings."

Rudd ended his letter in the words of LeRoi Jones, a playwright and Black Power advocate, to cement SDS a place in history.

"There is only one thing left to say. It may sound nihilistic
to you, since it is the opening shot in a war of liberation.
I'll use the words of LeRoi Jones, whom I'm sure you don't like
a whole lot: 'Up against the wall, motherfucker, this is a stick-
up'" (Mark Kurlansky, 1968 197).

Using Jones' words showed the seriousness with which the youth in 1968 took their cause.

Today's youth - Generation Next - must take a serious stand. Will they be the next to give their lives in Iraq fighting a war started for a lie (WMD's) and then another lie (Saddam working with Al Qaeda) or will they be the next to stand up to the Bush Regime and demand accountability and not be bullied with scare tactics.

Scare tactics are the only source the Bush crime family can use because everything they proclaim has more holes than "Blackburn Lancashire" A Day in the Life, Lennon & McCartney, 1967). They have scared the American people into believing the forementioned bull about Iraq. They tried to convince voters that a vote for John Kerry was a guarantee of another terrorist attack. But they are not through.

Now the Bushies want us to believe our health insurance is astronomical because of "frivolous lawsuits;" not because insurance companies can raise their rates any time for any reason because they have an exemption from anti-trust laws. The Bush clan's solution is to put a cap on awards to victims of products or services that resulted in injury or death. In other words, protect the corporations, not the victims.

Another scare is Social Security. Peter Wehner, a Bush political stategist, told the New York Times January 10, 2005, "We need to establish on the public mind a key fiscal fact: right now we are on an unsustainable course." The course he speaks of is the crash of Social Security by 2012. LIES! Again, according to the same NY Times report, "The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, using different assumptions, predicts that the [Social Security] trust fund will last...until 2052."

But even if Bush is right (which he is not), why privatize Social Security just so his campaign contributors from Wall Street can make a fortune? Why not raise the salary cap or eliminate it completely? That, in and of itself, will ensure Social Security's longevity.

Today's youth must own their future. Don't be bullied by the scare tactics of the neo cons. You can scare them by banding together and taking a stand. The voters of Washington state showed how possible it is to stand up for justice. It is time for Generation Next to take a stand.


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