Thursday, January 06, 2005

Spineless Democrats

The senators of the Democratic Party have shown once again why the Republicans own this country. Yesterday, the Democrats had an opportunity to stand together and show America they will not cower to the fascist regime of the current administration, yet they did nothing. Had they all stood with California Senator Barbara Boxer the outcome would be the same, but the message would be clear. Had they stood in solidarity they would have told the rest of the American people, the American people who feel disenfranchised by this criminal administration, the American people tired of the corruption, the American people fed up with the fraud, that “WE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT. WE WILL NOT GIVE UP WITHOUT A FIGHT!”

I could hear the Republicans saying, “Sons of bitches, we’re in a heap o’ trouble now!”

But no, the Democrats, with the one exception of Barbara Boxer, have the spines of jellyfish. These are the same Democrats that have the balls to ask for campaign contributions, yet can’t seem to find those same balls to perform their jobs.

I say it is time the American people take the fight into their own hands. The Democrats have shown they don’t want to piss off “da massa,” so let them cower and take the whip. It is time to start a new party. Why waste time with a grassroots movement that will only perpetuate a bunch of losers? Why not, instead, put our energy into forming a party that will represent the majority of Americans; Americans who struggle to work regular jobs that corporations continually downsize, Americans who struggle to raise families while health care becomes non-existent, Americans who bear the brunt of the financial burden to keep this country afloat?

The Democrats have shown they will not repair this joke of an election process where no one knows if their vote was counted or changed, so it is time to do it ourselves. If we challenge every elected position from dog catcher to President and use this grassroots movement to our advantage, we can get rid of these corporate cronies that go by the names Democrat and Republican. We can use what Howard Dean’s campaign proved can be done; a community connected via the internet is able to take a virtually unknown Governor of Vermont and make him a household name. We can do the same with our new grassroots party.

This can be the launching pad for the American Party.


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